Client Remote Support

What is RemotePC HelpDesk?

RemotePC HelpDesk equips organizations with uninterrupted remote support to address queries of the customers. With HelpDesk, you can enable your technicians to remotely connect to customers’ PCs / Macs; thereby offering real-time support.

HelpDesk can be set up easily, offers a simple user interface and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow.

What is ‘Connection ID’?

A ‘Connection ID’ is a service request that can be created by the admin of a HelpDesk account or a technician. It provides details such as customer name and email address, as well as the name of the technician to whom it is assigned.

How can I allow remote access to my computer?

Once a Connection ID is created, you will receive a link or a 9-digit code from the technician.

  1. Go to, and enter the shared code.

For a Windows system this will download a .exe file and for Mac it will download a .dmg file.

  1. Install the .exe / .dmg file.
  2. On installation completion, the HelpDesk application will auto-launch and display the status as ‘Ready to connect’. The technician will then be able to access your computer remotely to provide support.